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Birth of 2000 Flushes®


2000 Flushes, the world’s longest lasting Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner (ATBC), was invented by Al Eisen in the early 1980s, in Patterson, New Jersey. Many can still fondly remember Al starring in his own TV commercials, holding up 4 fingers while passionately declaring “ 2000 Flushes lasts up to FOUR months!”

2000 Flushes was created through a combination of inspiration, ingenuity and old-fashioned hard work. The story goes like this:

Eisen was sitting poolside at his home when his wife asked him to clean the toilet. Like most people, he didn’t want to do it. In fact he hated the job. Instead, Eisen decided to try an experiment to create a better way to clean the toilet.

Eisen filled a cup with chlorine, weighted it with rocks from his garden, and put the cup in the tank of his toilet to see how well it would work at keeping his toilet clean. The results were amazing, and spoke for themselves. Eisen's "invention" kept his toilet clean for months! Just that simply, the idea behind 2000 Flushes was born.

Over time, Al partnered with leading scientists, including those at WD-40 Company, and it wasn’t long before he had a lab with 75 toilets to conduct research. The exact formula was perfected over the years, the cup was replaced with a clear chlorine tablet, and the success of 2000 Flushes took off!

With success came the need for 2000 Flushes to patent its secret and innovative formula. Al partnered with leading scientist Ken Ward to create the first ATBC in history to provide the dual benefit of detergent plus bleach. 2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach was born, and remains the only product of its kind today!

In another milestone, WD-40 introduced new anti-bacterial 2000 Flushes in the summer of 2008. The new formulas kill 99.9% of bacteria for 2 months and continue to sanitize, clean and freshen for up to 4 months. 2000 Flushes is still the longest-lasting product in its category.

It lasts and lasts...

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2000 Flushes delivers continuous cleaning action up to 4 months.

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